Sunday, November 12, 2006

best week ever

1. Hanging out with my brother the day after my birthday. Having Sushi, watching Amelie, Eating more cheesecake.

2. Spending the night at my parents house and watching cars.

3. Getting FREE teeth bleaching kit from my dentist!!!! Whiter teeth here I come!

4. Getting this oh so sweet, sweater jacket from Target from my brother.

5. Hayden is almost completely potty trained! With almost no effort.

6. Getting the kids Christmas/Birthday/6 month pictures taken at Sears and they actually turned out SOOOO CUTE!!!

7. Having two house showings which force me to keep the house looking nice, which makes me so happy.

8. Seeing my nieces and nephew.

9. Hanging out at a friends' house and watching the little mermaid with her 13 year old daughter, who reminds me SO much of myself at that age!

10. Registering for Classes at The University of Idaho for this Spring semester. I cannot wait!!!