Thursday, November 09, 2006


What could possibly be better than yummy cheesecake for your birthday???

Getting it for Free!!

Last night, the family and I all went to Papa Murphy's to pick up a pizza for dinner. I suggested that maybe we stop in at Albertson's and get a cake too, since it was my birthday and all! Well, we went to the bakery section and saw this package of 4 different cheesecakes that said $9.99 on it. I thought that was a really good deal, especially because the price on the table where the cake was said $15.99. As we went to pay, the cheesecake rang up as $15.99. To me, that was just too much money to spend on my birthday cake, so I mentioned to the cashier that the price tag on the cake said $9.99. To my surprise, he said, "oh, well then you get the cake for FREE!"

At Albertson's, if you buy anything and it rings up at the wrong price it's FREE!!

Happy Birthday To Me!