Thursday, December 21, 2006

and so this is Christmas

Top 10 Christmas Traditions

1. Listening to Christmas Music

2. Watching Fabulous Christmas Specials

3. Making Tons of Cookies

4. Playing Games on a snowy night

5. Decorating a Tree/Getting a new ornament every year

6. Celebrating Jim's birthday (12/24)

7. Opening one present Christmas Eve...that was always my FAVORITE Christmas tradition, but now that I am married I have had to become a little bit flexible about the eve of Christmas because it is Jim's birthday and at his house we open all of our presents from his family on that night. So, I am adjusting to this new tradition.

8. Stockings!!! I am a fool for Christmas Stockings. I always had to remind my mom to get stocking stuffers as we got older because it was always my favorite thing! even now, if we don't have money to buy gifts for each other I always hope that there might be a stocking stuffer or two....

9. Spending extra time with my mom while she is on Christmas Break from work.

10. Driving around town and looking at lights! As a child I always looked forward to this, and it is even more exciting as I get to see the excitement in my children.