Thursday, January 25, 2007

early bird gets the what?

So I am ALWAYS early to absolutely everything that I do. It's really really annoying, because I am always just waiting around. I always thought that once I had kids it would change. It seems like people are always using the excuse that they can never get ready on time because they have kids. Anyway, that didn't change anything for me. In fact I think that I get ready even earlier now, and wait around even more because I know I have the kids.

As I was driving to my first Emotion class last night I was stressing because it was 5:50 and the class started at 6. Well, I live 5 minutes from the college, so there really wasn't a reason for me to be stressed out!! But my head says, "What if I can't find a parking spot?" "What if I can't find the room?" "What if there is an accident?" (I am a dork I know!!!) So as I sat at the red light I started thinking about why it is so important for me to get to class early (or EVERYTHING early for that matter). I realized as I walked into the classroom nice and early, and a couple of people walked in late, I HATE being that person that everyone stares at when you walk in late.

Also, I am a total people pleaser so I hate the thought of making people mad at me because I kept them waiting.

Also, I never realized this until my mom mentioned it the other day, but my dad hates being late too.

It gets very annoying though when you are always sitting around waiting for EVERYONE!!!! I guess I just need to carry a book/magazine with me at ALL TIMES.