Monday, February 12, 2007

Dream house

I never in a million years ever thought that this is what my fantasy would be! I always had dreams of the big city.

This house just went up for sale in the area where Jim and I would hope to live once our house sells. Who knows if our house will sell in time to make an offer, or if once I see it I will still be as fond of it. But ever since I saw the listing I can't quit dreaming about country life. It's on 5 acres, and there is a dock to the lake and a garden area and even a place for horses...which, doesn't excite me much...but we could get a couple of goats! and have goats milk to sell and make goat cheese!! and the kids could wander and have many adventures! And I could knit, and craft, and have an amazing garden in the summer. I could sell my vegetables and goat cheese at the farmers market in the summer, and teach night classes at the college during the winter.

Seriously I am a little freaked out by how WONDERFUL that sounds.