Sunday, February 11, 2007

puzzles and knitting

This has been an exceptional sunday. I spent the morning at Target, while Jim shopped for my valentines present, where I got some very cute valentines day cards, and a new shirt.
After that we came home and I made the most delicious Turkey burger on a whole wheat bun with guacomole for lunch.
After much discussion, Jim decided that he wanted to get a puzzle for us to do together as a family, and I wanted to show him a T.V. armoir that I really want us to get for our new house. So, we went to *sigh* Wal-Mart. It was packed, it was raining, and we had to park as far away as possible and get soaked as we hurried in with the kids. Once we were in we had to dodge crazy shopping filling their baskets with "Gift in a Balloon"!!!!! We found 2 very cool puzzles, decided to wait on the armoir until it is on sale, and then I passed the craft section and got myself a knitters loom!!! so excited about this! I hope to make a scarf by the end of this week. I've heard that it is very fast and fun.
We came home and the kids napped for at least a couple hours so Jim and I worked on a puzzle and I played around with my loom.
Finally I just finished a fabulous dinner of a veggie burger and steamed spinach (which I LOOOOVE)!
Time to play with the kids and take baths!