Wednesday, February 28, 2007

unable to sleep=random post

so it is 11 p.m. which isn't very late, but I should be at least attempting to fall asleep, and I can't. I can never sleep when I am excited. I have been lying in bed for the last hour contemplating sleep, and I just decided it was time to get up for a while.

I've really been thinking about my lack of blogging lately, and I decided (well, I already knew...but I guess I just allowed myself to tell you) that I am really horrible at blogging/journaling when things are going great in my life. This is true since I was 15 years old and I started my first real journal that lasted up until I was....well, about 24 and decided to start blogging. There are many times in my journal when I would go 3 a year without a single entry because things were just fine. But the second life starts to go to crap I pick up the pen. I suppose it is my form of therapy in a way. But I really want to start being better about blogging on a regular basis (we'll see if that really happens!!) oh, and I also really want to start branching out in my color choices when it comes to clothing. It seems I own a WHOLE LOT of black, brown, olive green...and some white. That's about it!

oh, and just so you know, I have been working on my knitting loom. I am basically just getting the knack at it and in a couple of months (or maybe next december) I will post you the scarf I plan on whipping up any day now! I've actually got a lot done, but I still need to master my craft.