Thursday, February 15, 2007

The way I see it

For Valentines day Jim got me the sweetest willow tree figurine, which I love...but unfortunately, I already have it. It was the first one he ever got me. :) He has good intentions. So today I went back to hallmark and exchanged it. I came out with an extra $10.00 so I went over to Starbucks and got myself one of their cinnamon dolce lattes (Sugar-free, non-fat...) Well, the word of the day really struck a chord, and made me feel like I am definitely on the right path in my life.

The Way I See It #205

"Many people seach blindly for the 'meaning of life.' What they don't seem to understand is that life does not have meaning through mere existence or acquisition or fun. The meaning of life is inherent in the connections we make to others through honor and obligation."

--Dr. Laura Schlessinger