Thursday, March 01, 2007

wish list

Things I would buy right now if I could. (hey a mom can dream can't she...oh and she can have selfish THOUGHTS once in a while too!!)

1. A new bed Frame and Mattress

2. A boat

3. A bouncer thing for elliott...not a johnny jump up...I forget the name but he LOVES bouncing!

4. every single outfit at target for hayden...

5. a flat screen t.v.

6. the complete series of Six Feet Under on DVD

7. A hot tub

8. A new truck for Jim, and while I am at it I would pay off the Jeep.

9. A four wheeler with a snow plow (they get a LOT of snow where we are moving)

10. an IPOD

11. a new wardrobe for me. bras, socks, underwear, pajamas, shoes, shirts, pants, THE WORKS!!!

12. hey, and I will buy a new wardrobe for my mom too, not because she needs it of course, but because this is MY wish list and I can!!!