Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I heart earth day

So I missed actual earth day, but I still want to write about it.

I have some great memories of going to earth day events with my mom in our town. I always loved learning about what is going on in our world. As I've gotten older I have definitely learned to appreciate my surroundings more and it's become very important for me to be an active participant in keeping the small space that we have beautiful and safe.

So I love to recycle anything and everything, and I really love finding new uses for anything I possibly can, I love thrift stores, and I really love planting trees!

With our new found lot size Jim and I are in the process of planting trees and making our garden. So far we planted a weeping willow and two apple trees. It gets expensive buying trees though! So I found some websites online that have free trees!!

National Arbor Day Website This site is great! You pay $10.00 for a membership and they send you 10 free trees! There are tons to choose from!

Free Trees and Plants.Com This website is so cool. They basically salvage trees, plants and flowers that are going to be tossed away from the nurseries and you get 2 of the trees or plants of your choice for a shipping and processing fee of $7.95. Not only that, the company employs workers with disabilities so the money that you do pay is used for a good cause.

So happy earth day everyone!!