Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's what's inside that counts

My daughter may not look like me but she reminds me so much of myself in so many other ways, it's crazy. Like mommy she is ultra sensitive. She understands when she is scolded, and she doesn't like getting in trouble at all. One warning is all she needs to change her behavior when she is being naughty. The thought of sitting in the naughty chair is enough for her. When she gets scolded or someone besides mommy tells her not to do something her little tears build up in her eyes and she comes running to mommy. I was exactly the same way. I did not like getting in trouble, therefore usually I only had to be told once not to do something. This has turned me into the biggest people pleaser ever and it kind of stinks!!!! Especially when I worry so much about pleasing everyone around me and no one really feels the same way about me! If I had one quality that I wish I could change it would be that. I wouldn't want to change my caring personality or sensitivity...but I wish I didn't care so much about making sure everyone is PLEASED with me!! Sometimes you just can't please everyone and that can be such a letdown.