Saturday, May 26, 2007

here's to camping

Jim is camping with his friends this weekend. I am ECSTATIC. Originally we were planning a family camping trip and I just decided that he should go with his friends so that I could have some time to myself....well, as much time to myself as I could possibly have with my 2 little ones.

This has been such a great weekend for me. Last night I went over to my parents for dinner, and shared my bed with Hayden and Elliott which I loved. Today I mowed our (huge) lawn...I was so proud of myself. Elliott looked for bugs and played with his fork in the dirt and hayden played on her swing set for hours. I weeded my flower beds, watered the lawn, and after naps Hayden and I went exploring for pinecones (more about that in another blog). It was so fun. Hayden and I made yummy pizza for dinner with all the toppings I normally love but Jim hates. YUM!!!!!

Jim might come home tomorrow, but there is a possibility that he will stay until it bad that I hope he stays?? This has just been exactly what I needed after the stressful semester I just had.