Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today was a weird/great day for me. It's like God brought certain people into my path for specific reasons and the message clicked.

1. I had lunch with a girl from one of my classes who happens to be an exchange student from Poland. we had an amazing conversation that really touched me in so many ways, but when she left she said, "be happy!" and I thought..."I am going to be happy!" I deserve it!!! So I am just trying to think those words right now and to really make myself happier.

2. Even though my son is a year old (almost) I still look 5 months pregnant!!! The muscles in my stomach are not going to get stronger unless I work on it! no matter how good I eat!! So I did some pilates today and it feels sooo good!!

3. And finally, from Kerry, at and baby makes 4. Her post made me cry. Because no matter how much I love my kids, God loves me more. That is something that is extremely hard for me to wrap my brain around these days. I get so caught up in thinking about how much I love everyone, and how much I take care of everyone...that I forget how much He loves me. It just felt so good to think that no matter how stretched out I feel He knows, and He loves me.