Thursday, June 07, 2007

I already prayed mommy!

Last night Hayden and I were getting ready for bed and I asked her if she wanted to say her prayers. She said,"I already prayed, mom...for food!" haha She was talking about our prayer at dinner time.

So we prayed...this is how our nightly prayer goes.

M: "Who do you want to pray for?

H: Pete. (Uncle Pete. We always pray for him first for some reason. ALWAYS. since she was old enough to say Pete.)

M: Ok. God Bless Uncle Pete. Who else?

H: Daddy. (which she pronounces da-eed)

M: God Bless Daddy. Who else?

H: Elliott.

(and it continues down the list of every single loved one that Hayden has in her life.)

last night it ended a little different though. we got through the list and said amen and as we were about to tuck her in she said, "AND ME! I forgot ME!"

M: oh yes! we can't forget Hayden! "God BLESS HAYDEN!"