Saturday, July 07, 2007

I've Missed You TOO!!!

It's been so long, so it's time for a list!!

1. My brother and his family were here for the last two weeks. That is my excuse for my long absence.

2. Hayden wanted to go to sleep 5 minutes after the fireworks started, so I missed out on them this year.

3. My 2 brothers, Husband and Sis-in-law floated down the Priest River last night!! That has to be one of my favorite childhood things to do still.

4. I just got done taking a cold shower after spending 2 hours in the HOT SUN doing yard work.

5. TV is REALLY CRAPPY in the summer!!!!

6. I got a new patio table for my furniture because my last one blew over in the wind and shattered....I guess I learned not to leave the umbrella open anymore!!!

7. garden is doing pretty awesome! I just planted some more herbs to fill in the space from my onions that didn't come up.

8. Oh! and I planted 5 more raspberry bushes, but I WANT MORE!!!! :)

9. My wedding ring was stolen....but that is a post all in itself, so I will save it for another day when there is more time...

10. I think I am going to change my major. I have an appointment with an advisor on Monday!

I will be back with my crafty, and recipe filled posts soon!!!