Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn has arrived

I love that Autumn is here! I love the scents, and cooking yummy soups, stews, breads....I love planting bulbs that will surprise us in the Spring, and preparing for winter.

But the coolest thing ever is having a wood burning stove!!!

At our old house we were constantly cold. Actually, we were fine because we were used to it, but, whenever anyone came over they would be freezing the whole time! Our old house had really horrible windows, and the insulation was not very good either. Usually our utility bill in the winter time was around $200.00!!!!! And it was such a tiny house!!!

At our new house Jim builds me a fire in the morning on a cold day and the house just stays nice and toasty all day! I LOVE IT.

Especially when our utility bill on a house that is twice as big as our old one is only $50! That is when I really appreciate everything that is better about our new house.