Saturday, September 29, 2007

hot thrift store find!

last month I went thrift store shopping in my hometown with one of my girlfriends.

We started at my favorite thift store that my parents church runs. It is the best thrift store ever! Everything is so clean, and they only put up the best clothes. Plus it is super CHEAP!!! They didn't completely raise all their prices when it got trendy to go thrift store shopping--after all it is supposed to be a service to the community! So, we found some treasures there and went on to check out the couple other thrift stores in town.

The next one we checked out was the complete opposite! It was NASTY!!! It was a humane society type thrift store--the problem was, when we walked in we were completely overwhelmed with the aroma of really cheap incense. After being inside for under a minute we realized the reason for the incense was the entire place WREAKED like a kitty litter box. We glanced around for a minute and decided to leave because we were about to THROW UP. Right before we ducked out of the place I spied a brand new dehydrater for $8.00. I have been wanting a dehydrater forever. I remember watching infomercials for them when I was a kid and thinking it would be the best thing ever to have. So, thinking that this place couldn't possibly be getting much business I looked at the lady and asked her if she would take $5.00 for it. I was SO proud of myself! I NEVER ever try to negotiate prices!! I usually don't have the guts and just pay the asking price. She said that $5.00 was fine, and I walked out with a treasure! I for sure will never be going there ever again but it was definitely worth it.

I have made several bags of apple chips, dried tomatoes, dried zucchini chips, and right now I am making prunes! It is so FUN!