Wednesday, September 26, 2007

roast chicken delight!

So I have been wanting to roast a chicken so badly with the weather change that is going on. What's funny is that I think I have only made about 3 roast chickens in my entire life! That seems so bizarre to me...but I think that we usually end up going to Jim's moms when she cooks chicken so then I don't feel like roasting chicken myself!

So, inspired by SV's delicious roast chicken on her fanatic domestic blog I decided it was about time that I perfected my own recipe!

I stuffed the inside of the chicken with tons of yellow onions and I lathered the chicken up with olive oil and lemon juice. Then I went over to my herb garden :) and picked a bunch of thyme and rosemary.

Following SV's advice I roasted the chicken at 425 for 20 minutes and then changed it down to 350 for the rest of the time.

It was AMAZING!!!! by far the best chicken I have ever made in my life!! We didn't have to add one bit of salt to our dinner because the flavor was so good. And it was extremely tender.

Tonight: Homemade chicken soup, with the leftovers!