Tuesday, October 16, 2007

don't cry for me!

I am the most horrible emotional eater ever. Especially ever since getting pregnant and having children. When Jim and I went through some really hard times food became every sort of comfort to me. which STINKS SO BAD!!! Now when we get in an argument I have instant cravings for all things bad for me!! It's almost as if my head is saying to Jim, "oh, you are going to be a jerk to me?!!? well guess what, your wife is going to be FAT!!!!"

So, I am trying to get past that and get in shape!!! Yesterday I put in my workout video and elliott cried until I just gave up. :(
So, I helped Jim chop wood just to have some sort of activity yesterday and today I am going to do my workout while the kids are asleep. I have also decided to kind of go through a 2-week of no carb kind of thing just to get the cravings out of my head! no, I am not going to start going on the no carb diet because I know it DOES NOT WORK for a life style change, but it really does work for me to stop craving sweets if I can just cut them all out for a while.

Anyway...NO MORE emotional EATING is my number one goal!!! any ideas on things to do to help me with that?