Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sorting at the Thrift Shop!

For the past 4 weeks or so I have been sorting clothes with my mama at the Thrift Shop in my home town. Every Tuesday night we go through bags and bags of clothes and sort them! It's been such an amazing blessing for our family!!

Jim gets to take care of the kids for four hours. He plays with them, feeds them and puts them to bed. The best part, they LOVE their Tuesday nights with daddy. Hayden is always excited for Thrift Store nights because she gets to hang out with daddy and she knows I usually don't come home empty-handed. She is always super excited to see the treasure I find for her. (last night: cinderella dress for her to wear for dress up!) The kids' relationship with their daddy has grown so much because of this time they have together!

Being able to get out of the house for a few hours once a week by myself has been so amazing for me as well. I feel like I am such a better person because of it. Not only that, but I have invited a couple of my other stay-at-home-mom friends' and we are able to chat and relax while doing a service! Not to overlook and incredible upside to sorting, and that is the clothes we are able to find for our families! It's been such a gift for me to be able to find work clothes for Jim, clothes for the kids, and of course, clothes for myself. When money is tight it's nice to be able to still feel stylish and not have to pay a ton of money for it!