Wednesday, October 17, 2007

we are SO SPOILED!!!

As my mom and I made dinner last friday night we realized that there was no brown sugar, which we needed. I asked her if she had molasses and regular sugar, which she we made our own! (2 tbsp molasses to 1 cup of sugar) She couldn't believe how simple it was, and made the comment that we are so spoiled in this life that we lead! Which we are of course! We are so spoiled by modern conveniences these days...which brings me to the picture of a hydraulic wood splitter!

We (meaning Jim) have been getting wood every weekend to prepare for the winter.

Up here in Northern Idaho we get TONS of snow and lots of power outages, so wood stoves are a MUST HAVE! They save so much on our utilities and if the power goes out we still have heat, plus we get to cook on the stove!

Anyway, My dad has this wood splitter that he lets us use to split the wood they get. It's INSANE!! I can't believe how amazing this thing is! you put the huge 50 lb piece of wood under the splitter and it is split!

This is the first year Jim has ever had to split wood, or get wood, and I just can't believe that he gets off this easy!! He is so lucky! I can remember my brothers and my dad chopping wood for hours when we were kids!