Monday, November 12, 2007

amazing 28th birthday (weekend)!!!

This weekend was the most amazing birthday I have had since I turned 20! It's been so long since anyone (besides myself) has planned a special day for me!

Friday: My mom made a birthday dinner for me!! It was so nice! Beautiful flowers, my favorite food (shrimp!) and my family of course! I couldn't have asked for a better evening! Also, how exciting that my family got me the light fixture that I wanted for the kitchen!

Saturday: Jim dropped me off at my friends house where we went and got acrylic toenails! (weird, I know!) haha. It was a ton of fun, and cute. nothing I would ever in a million years think to do for myself...but how cute are my toes!

After this, we spent some time at her apartment getting dressed up for the rest of the day.

Then off to pick up my other friend and start the day!

First off, we went to moontime (my favorite pub ever!) to have drinks. But it wasn't so simple. My friends had put together a whole scavenger-hunt-esque day! At every place we went there was a riddle that the server read to me and I had to guess the drink! Also involved were fun appetizers and all kind of silly accessories.

Best comment of the day: "Is this your 21st birthday?" AWESOME!

We ended the night eating delicious sushi at my favorite restaurant.

what an amazing day! I am so blessed.