Monday, November 19, 2007

game night!

This post was going to be about my "new" treadmill that my mom's friend gave me...but let me just say, "I got a treadmill and it is awesome!!!"

**now onto my real post**

This weekend we had a game night! A REAL game night! Usually in the winter time Jim and his friends like to have game nights, but their idea of a game night is WAY different than mine! Sure, it's fun, at first....until everyone is super drunk and not even paying attention to the games. Its gets aggravating to say the least.

So this game night was on my terms only. I invited two couples who have kids so there wasn't any drinking. We had tacos and rootbeer floats and played cranium. It was so much FUN!!!! It was so nice to be around other couples who just wanted to play games! i had the best time...and Jim did too. I don't know if he even knew that he could have that much fun without drinking.