Wednesday, November 14, 2007


With thanksgiving coming and all, I really like to think about all the things in my life that I am grateful for. Besides the time of the year though, I do think it is really important to show gratitude and everyone needs to take a moment and really appreciate the beauty in their lives. So that is what I am doing today!

1. my friends. right now is the first time in my life I've ever been really secure in my friendships, and it is the best feeling ever.

2. my family. They are amazing, and I love how time heals, and helps people grow closer together.

3. no matter what we always make it. I have learned so much about stretching the paycheck my husband brings home, It's actually exciting to see how far I can make it go.

4. Tuesday nights. My thrift store night. Even though we drive 30 minutes to get there, I have 2 moms with me and we chat like we've never had an adult conversation ever before! It is such a release for me.

5. losing weight and getting in shape. I've been doing awesome on the weight loss, I didn't even want birthday cake!! I am so excited to be eating healthy though the holidays. last Christmas season I gained almost 10 pounds!! That is not going to happen this year!!

6. small group. We have a small bible study that we are going to once a week and it has been amazing for Jim and me. It's just one other couple and we all just click! That is hard to find! We are even getting together for a game night on saturday!

7. canning season is over!! I cannot say how excited I am for this, only because I canned my butt off this fall and I am ready for a break. although, I am going to make a few more jams for christmas gifts...but that is nothing...

8. my husband. he is such a good man, and the longer we are married the more I find that we are so alike and so perfect for each other....

9. my kids. they make me stop and enjoy my life. They make me realize simple beauty. They are the most amazing gift I have ever received in my life.

10. dark chocolate choxies! and coffee! Who doesn't need a little dark chocolate and coffee once in a while to get through the day!