Monday, November 05, 2007

a simple trip to wal-mart

I went to walmart yesterday with the intention of purchasing two things.

1. Black ink for my printer

2. Masking tape to finish taping my kitchen that I wanted to repaint.

When I got home with several items including (I thought) the above mentioned things.

I started looking through my bags for the masking tape first. I could not find it! I know that I went the the paint aisle, and I looked at tape and I picked out a blue painting tape. But when I check my receipt it wasn't on it!!, off I go to the local grocery store to purchase masking tape at a way jacked-up price!

Then, last night I went to install my new ink cartridge so that I could print out some papers for school and I bought the WRONG ONE!!!!!!!

So, guess what I am doing today?

I am heading back to wal-mart, to exchange that dang cartridge!!!!!!!!!

On the plus side, my kitchen looks AMAZING!!! I painted it an awesome red color and pictures will be posted SOON!

P.S. Walmart brand paint is so awesome. I have painted my last 3 projects using it. It costs $10.00 a gallon and it goes on absolutely wonderfully. I couldn't be more impressed with it.