Thursday, November 08, 2007

Today was my 28th birthday!

It was a pretty laid back day....

i got two cute cards, one from Jim one from the kids :)

My really great friend came over and helped me reorganize my kitchen cupboards which have been RIDICULOUS!!! Ever since we finished adding the new cupboards they just haven't made since!!! We both felt like we were on a tv show for was that bad!!!

Hayden sang me happy birthday and asked me why I didn't have any balloons at my birthday party.

Lots of phone calls from people who love me....except not from my brother or my sister-in-law!!! plus, my older brother called me...but didn't realize it was my birthday!!! what is up with that!!!??? :)

went out to dinner at our local mexican place. They have amazing salsa...but my favorite part is that when I order an entree with shrimp you get a ton!!! no 4 pieces of shrimp here!

both of the kids and Jim were asleep by I am enjoying a very nice quiet evening...

The fun comes this weekend! Saturday we are having a game night over here and during the day my girls are taking me out for a surprise day and I am so excited.