Sunday, December 02, 2007

cookie exchange 2007

I've always wanted to host a Christmas Cookie Exchange, but never really had the right circle of friends in my life to accomplish such a thing. This year was different though! I am blessed with some amazing people in my life who all wanted to get together to exchange cookies just like me!

5 women attended, and I meant to take pictures but got sidetracked!

If you have never been to a cookie exchange this is how it works:
you invite a specific amount of people. for instance, I invited 5.

Each woman (or man!) makes a dozen cookies per person attending. So, for my party each of us had to make 5 dozen cookies. (You can also had them bring an extra dozen to use as taste testers)

Then, you swap cookies and everyone leaves with the same amount of cookies, but just a big variety!

You can then use your cookies for your family, or to make gift packages full of lots of different cookies to give away!

at my party we got together early (9:30) so that we could be home in time for naps and such. We had tea, coffee cake and fruit salad. I made an awesome mixtape of my favorite Christmas music for everyone to take home.

It was super simple, but a great time for everyone. Hopefully it can turn into an annual event!