Tuesday, December 04, 2007

family photo

6 months ago we moved (just in case you didn't know) to a new town. a very very small town. there is one grocery store with hometown discounts, no mail delivery (just p.o. boxes for everyone), no bank (but we are getting one soon!!), an old town hardware store, a pawn shop, and of course, 3 bars! It's been hard for Jim moving away from the city where he lived his entire life because of the lifetime friends he has there, and of course being 30 minutes (IT"S NOT LIKE WE ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY!) from his twin brother is hard for him too.

But, we've lived here for 6 months now and we are starting to meet some nice people. I've become fast friends with a girl down the street named Renee. It's so funny that we found each other up here in the middle of nowhere, because we are very like-minded. It feels great to have a family here that we can have over for dinner, play games, and just be friends with. We are very social people!

My new friend has a photography business that she does on her own. (YIPPEE!!!) So, she took pictures of my family for christmas time for a VERY VERY reasonable price!! I've always wanted to get some amazing shots of the kids not at SEARS...and I couldn't be more happy!!

Another reason I am so excited to have a friend up here is because It's nice to know there is someone to help you if you ever need something, and likewise! Renee called me the other night because her husband was really sick and after our snowstorm she wasn't able to get either of their vehicles out of the snow to drive to the store for diapers and medicine! I am so glad that I could be there for her! I ran to the store and then her and I shoveled snow for an hour so that we could get there cars unstuck! and of course we had a blast doing it!! We kept on talking about how we were burning tons of calories!! :)