Friday, December 28, 2007

happy birthday, baby!

Today my little girl turns 3! Everytime I look at her I can't believe how amazing she is, and how fast the time has gone by!

Today we are going to have a stawberry pancake breakfast, open a couple of presents, (That was always something special when I was growing up! Presents on the table when you wake up) go for a walk in the snow, and dance to silly music. I could spend the whole day cleaning the house for her little birthday party, but tht wouldn't be fun at all! We are having uncle pete and the kids over tonight, along with grandma and papa. Hayden's 2 special friends will be here as well. Not too many people! Simple birthdays are the best ones. I am going to make pizza dough today and precook it into mini pizza crust for the kids to make their own pizzas! And hayden want pink cupcakes. I have a princess girl on my hands, that is for sure.