Saturday, January 05, 2008

about my children

Elliott is in love with his baby. It's super sweet, and melts my heart. He sits in a little rocking chair with his baby and sings, "bay, bay bay baby" to the tune of rock-a-bye-baby.

Both of my kids LOVE cottage cheese. I have to buy the super big tubs of it at Costco, because I love it too. If Elliott sees me eating cottage cheese even if he just had a big lunch, he will come running over to me laughing because he is so excited to eat cottage cheese!!

Elliott also loves V-8! Hayden says, "I don't like that right now, but maybe when I get bigger..."

WE are huge fans of charlie and Lola around here. For Christmas hayden got A Lola Shirt, and sticker book, and coloring book, and regular book. They are big hits. We read the book every night.

Hayden breastfeeds baby Julia (Her favorite dolly) and she says, "I used to drink milk on your booby!" And she says, "Remember when you were a baby in my tummy, mommy?" ha!

if Elliott sees hayden's baby Julia on the floor he has to bring it to her. IMMEDIATELY.

Elliott LOVES cuddling, and hugging, and rocking, and kissing. He really loves when I put lotion on him before bedtime.

Every morning the kids give morning hugs and kisses to each other! (and to mommy!)