Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new years!!!

New years eve in the Hagenbarth family is turning into my favorite holiday!

Christmas Eve has been my most favorite holiday, but it's Jim's birthday, so it is just not the same for me...which is OK. (I will repeat that to myself over and over)

The past 3 years we've spent New years eve very quietly, and I enjoy it so much.

The original plan was for my good friend and her family to come over and spend the evening with us. We waited and waited while I made a super nice dinner of london broil, most delicious green salad ever, twice-baked potatoes, and homemade dinner rolls. Well, by 7:30 they still hadn't arrived and we had eaten a few too many snacks that we weren't very hungry for my dinner!

We received a phone call that they couldn't come, so we decided to just save the dinner (nothing was cooked, just completely prepped) for another night and get the kids ready for bed!

Once the kids were asleep Jim and I opened a bottle of champagne, watched swingers (which I have tried to watch a million times but never finished) and had a nice evening together. It was really fun! We stayed up until midnight, which was incredibly hard!!!! and then we were the annoying neighbors who lit off our 3 leftover fireworks from the summer!! I loved it.

My memories of new years eve as a kid were always great. My mom always got us awesome snacks like bugels (awesome!) and we got to drink pop (very special occasion around our house) We got to watch fun movies, and play games and hang out on the hide-a-bed couch! How fun! I hope to make new years eve just as special for our children as they get older too.

I'm not making a resolution this year....I would like to read more for pleasure this year....that would be amazing. And I definitely want to continue on my path to getting in shape...but since I just lost 24 pounds and did it even during the holiday season, I don't think I need to make a resolution for that!!

I started this blog exactly one year ago. It's been really healthy for me. I can't believe how much I have grown just by having a more positive outlook on my life. It's a little crazy though, how many people I lost that used to read my other blog. I guess that one was just so much more entertaining! I do appreciate my friends who have stuck around for the happy blog!

Happy new year!!!!