Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hayden's first movie

Yesterday was Hayden's little friend's birthday. As a special treat we took the kids to the new Veggie Tales movie: The Pirate Who Don't Do Anything. Hayden was really super excited about going to a movie, although, she had no clue what I meant by that! Right when we walked into the theatre she was awestruck. "Look at that BIG TV!!!" Hayden's never really gotten into veggie tales that much, but she just loved it. She kept on saying how excited she was and how it was such a good movie.

As for me, I could have done without seeing it....but it was cute and Hayden and her friends had a blast. I am really excited to get to take Hayden to a movie again because she was great in the theatre and she loved it.

After the movie I dropped the kids off at their grandparents house so that Jim could take them home because it was my first night of school.

My class, Psychology of Learning, was really great! I love my prof, she is engaging and excited about what she does. Plus the class is so interesting! It's all about how we learn, why we learn the way we do, what makes us behave the way we do,etc. I am really glad that I am taking this class live because I think I am going to learn a lot.

Today is my day off with the kids and it is a gorgeous, cold winter day...hopefully we can bundle up and go for a walk on the sled! It's so hard in the winter up here! the kids are so cooped up! I actually went mall walking last week to get out of the house, and they loved it.

This week I have hit a plateau on my weight loss, so I have to kick it in gear so that I don't give up! :)