Friday, January 18, 2008

time to educate...(sensitive subject)

This week I learned some horrific news about a friend of mine.

While her and her family were on vacation for christmas her daughter (3 years old...) was molested by a cousin.

This has sparked so many feelings that I can't even express half of them.

Moms, we need to be talking to our children about good touches and bad touches. Who else is going to teach them? In our house it's kind of a normal thing to talk about where people can't touch us because I have a boy and a girl and they take baths we just make it a conversation that is totally normal. The other day hayden said to me, "Man, nobody can touch my pee pee!! It cracked me up, but I am so thankful.

In my opinion this is kind of a taboo subject and people are not really open to talking to their children about this. But we need to wake up and teach our children what is ok and what is not! That is our responsibility!

I know there are lots of people my age who had similar experiences (experimenting...) with friends or relatives of the opposite sex when they were children but never told anyone because they didn't want to get in trouble. This is not ok!! We need to teach our babies that if one of their peers tries to touch them that is WRONG....and most likely there is something horrible going on in that child's life.

I say that it needs to be a normal conversation that you have with your child. It doesn't have to feel strange or taboo, it should become something comfortable that you can talk because is so important.