Tuesday, January 08, 2008

tuesdays=happy day

I had an amazing day today!

First I got to hang out with one of my oldest friends while she is home for christmas break from college in Chicago. We drove into the big city (I'm for a very small town.....) and went to Old Navy! I've been dying to check out their winter clearance. I was able to find the cutest coat ever. It's a great peacoat with a hood, I looked online forever and cannot find it, but trust me it's amazing.

I especially love the hood because I always have good intentions to wear cool hats, but I never do.

Then we went over to the mall and had coffee while the kids played in the cutest play area ever. It was so nice for H and E to get to run around like crazy and go down a tree shaped slide a million times. They had a blast, and it was devastating to leave...

The icing on the cake, was that on Tuesdays nights is my thrift store night!! whoo hooo! Tonight I actually found a couple of things for myself. That for sure is the biggest perk about getting in shape. It's so much harder to shop at thrift stores and find cool vintage clothes for myself when I am all chubby!!!! It's fun to actually be able to find cool clothes for myself. And I found some cute clothes for hayden, and some work clothes for Jim. oh! and a bunch of super sweet jelly jars for .10!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!

Obviously I am in a great mood, I think Tuesdays are my new favorite.