Wednesday, February 13, 2008

bad day

things are so rough right now.  I am trying so hard to be positive, but sometimes I just can't.  

The kids are just my little rays of sunshine right now.  I am sooo thankful for them every second. 

Elliott is growing sooo fast!  Hayden is his favorite.  If I give him a cookie or a treat he holds out his other hand and says, "Hayden??"  He has to bring one for her too!  Every morning he wakes up first and when  I go get him he says, "hi mamma"  and then, "Hayden?"  and he is sooo excited when she wakes up and he gives her a big hug and kiss!!!

When I take them to gramma's, Hayden says, "I will take care of my little brother, I will be brave"  :)  and when I get back she says, "I took care of Elliott and he didn't cry!!"  

if I say the word "bath" Elliott says, "bubbles!!"  and gets really upset that it isn't bathtime.  

When I do pilates, Hayden lays on the floor and does it with me!

the infamous, McDonalds...well, Hayden decided that was "old mc'donalds"  and she doesn't want to eat french fries because "they don't have vitamins in them to make her bigger!" (her exact words)  

Thanks for letting me go on about my babies....but I actually feel a ton better right now than when I started this post.  It's nice to have something to smile and laugh about.