Wednesday, February 27, 2008

did i just do that?

So my babies and I are living with my parents in my home town these days.

It's been a really rough transition for the kids especially because they have had horrible colds for the last week.

Days and nights have been miserable (imagine both kids all night long wanting to sleep on my stomach) with lots of clinginess (which is totally fine...they are sick!!!), and absolutely no minutes to myself. Literally, like even to pee. My sanity and patience have long left me.

So today I was walking to the bathroom and I saw my two little shadows following behind me and all of a sudden, my legs started to run and I sprinted down the hall and ran into the bathroom and locked the door!!! I was in shock. I started laughing at myself, but then I almost wanted to cry that it has come to this. So as I sat and had a good 90 seconds to myself Hayden and Elliott cried (really fake crying) for me outside the door until I was done.

I think this is going to be a really hard adjustment for us all. Every day I just need to focus on my skills as a mom and making life great for them.