Tuesday, March 18, 2008

spring is coming!

So, we still have 2 feet of snow in our front yard, but I am getting the Spring Fever BIG TIME.

Tonight I am going to the big super store to get SEEDS!!!!!!

I am going to start my window boxes of veggies, and flowers, and herbs.

I am doing tons and tons of flowers because last year I spent ridiculous amounts of money and beautiful flowers that only last 5 months....until the snow attacks.

oh! I am also getting a hummingbird feeder, several hummingbird feeders because they are very territorial and we have lots in our neighborhood.

I am also going to Celebrate Recovery with Jim tonight. There is a group there for women who are enablers...so i am looking forward to that.

I am still living with my parents, but there is some definite progress being made. Jim is starting to realize how important his family is. He is starting to realize that his friends need to go. and he is starting to take interest in me and things that interest me. It's nice.

Also, I totally aced my Psych of Learning test last night. With all the drama that has been going on my schooling has definitely taken a beating, so that was really nice to feel like I am still going to finish the semester on a good note.

I'm excited for Easter, I love holidays with my kids. We are going to have a small easter breakfast and just spend the morning playing with the kids. Too bad there is so much snow, we will do an egg hunt in the living room this year!!