Monday, April 07, 2008

a commitment to buying used.

This weekend I decided to make a commitment to only purchase used clothes for my entire family for the rest of the year. This will be easy for me since I work at the best Thrift Store in the WORLD...but I challenge you to join me in this adventure!

Especially while I am losing weight! I have wasted so much money on clothes while transitioning from different sizes!! I bought a pair of $30.00 (that's a lot for me!!!) jeans at Christmas and they only fit me for a month! I then bought a pair of $15.00 (a little better price thanks to ROSS) jeans that are just starting to get too big!! So this week I was smarter and I got two pairs of levis for like $4.00!!

Take a look at your closet and how jam packed it probably is! Why do we need to keep on purchasing more and more clothes? Especially when there are a multitude of used clothing stores out there. It may be hard to find that great thrift store but if there are church thrift stores or women/animal shelter thrift stores in your area I would recommend checking those out because generally they seem to be cheaper since their mission is to reach out to the community.

Instead of spending $$$ on kids books, toys and clothes you should check out the kids section! Seriously, we have TONS of books that cost .10-.25!! And the clothes my kids wear are SOOOO cute. super cute, for super cheap!!

oh! and don't forget household items! Dishes, pots and pans...I even got a brand new Nalgene water bottle last week! That's AWESOME!

So for the rest of the year I am going to purchase only absolutely essential clothing (underwear, jeans for Jim, etc.) brand new. I am going to save a TON of money. Not that I spend that much money on clothes, but still, it will be a good amount.