Tuesday, April 22, 2008

get your own yard, moles!

We have moles this spring.  

Stupid, stupid moles!!!

All around our apple trees, that we planted last year there are tunnels, all over our yard, there are tunnels, all over the entire neighborhood their are moles!!!!  It's ridiculous.  

I have this book from my mom about natural ways to get rid of pests.  The first thing I tried was to put exlax in the holes that we find.  After that, we tried used kitty litter.  (apparently, they don't like it).  And finally, we had to get some mole poison before my trees are ruined.  

The funny thing, Hayden is way into yelling at the moles.  When we go outside she yells, 

"get your own yard, moles!"
"get out of here, moles!"

oh!  and the other night we went walking around the property behind us.  It's not ours, but it's vacant,  and we thought if we took care of the moles back there it might get them out of our yard.  So, we bundled the kids up and went on a mole "hunt".  The kids thought that was just great.  Although, we didn't find any moles...(we were kind of looking for ones that were dead so that the dog and cat wouldn't get them).  

It's been fun going online with the kids and looking at pictures of moles, and reading about them.  for some reason I always think of the story "Thumbelina" when we are looking for the moles.  That mean mole wanted to keep her locked up in the ground with him.