Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Family Movie Night!!

Since the kids were babes Family Movie Nights are a huge highlight in our house! The kids absolutely look forward to special nights cuddled on the couch with their pillows, blankies, and momma!

Popcorn is a must, and extra special nights include Peanut M&Ms mixed in with the popcorn (you must try), ice cream sundaes, pudding parfaits, fresh baked cookies, or some other sort of wonderful treat!

I signed up for the Disney Movie Club a couple of years ago because I am an absolute sucker for classic disney movies, and I insist that my children fall in love with them too!!

Before we watch a movie I haven't seen I almost always refer to a couple different movie review site to check out the content, and get opinions from other parents on whether or not small children should watch the show.

A couple of websites I refer to include: Crosswalk,, and Kids in Mind. There have been times that I have made the mistake of getting a movie without checking one of these sites and I have been super disappointed. A couple of weeks ago we got a new release about two dogs, and maybe you liked it, but to me it seemed like a cartoon teenage romance and I just wasn't into the content for my 4 year old and 6 year old, so we shut it off and I was bummed that I had wasted my money!!

Tonight our movie was the classic and fantastic, Old Yeller. I ordered this movie from DMC years ago and we have been saving it for when we thought the kids would really be able to understand and appreciate it. They loved it. They got so many laughs in the first hour. The ending was a little over their heads and they did seem to get a little bored, but that's ok. At least I didn't have to turn it off because it was inappropriate!