Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Waste not

So I mentioned that I roasted a chicken for dinner last night. It was great, turned out perfect. Afterwards I looked at the carcass and knew that I needed to make the most of all the meat, but I also already have all of my meals planned for the week! I decided to go ahead and make some chicken stock/soup to have on hand for the weekend.

I threw the carcass into the crock pot, covered it in water, added all of the onions and juices that I had saved in the pan from dinner and set the mixture on low. I proceeded to go to bed and let the soup cook all night. When I woke up the house smelled divine! I went threw the broth and picked out all the bones, skimmed the fat, then ladled the broth into mason jars (because it looks pretty and I have tons). You could definitely store this in a rubbermaid container as well. I didn't process the jars because I plan on using the soup soon, but I have done that before! I bought a whole bunch of chickens for super cheap years ago and processed about 15 jars of chicken soup!

That was awesome.

This weekend I will add celery, carrots and noodles for a delicious and easy dinner for the family!

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