Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bbq chicken quesadillas!

This was by far the most brilliant quick meal I've ever discovered and created on a whim! I had a really wonderful day visiting with a wonderful friend and by the time I realized what had happened it was dinner time! Agh. I had planned on making breakfast for dinner tonight but just really wasn't in the mood so I remembered an appetizer that Jim and I had shared last night on our date night and decided to make that for the family. It was beyond easy and I'm probably the last person to ever try this but hopefully someone will read this and think it's a new idea! :)

I look some chicken that I already had prepared and needed to eat anyway, chopped it up smothered it with bbq sauce and made quesadillas. So easy, so fast and a nice change from our typical taco meat quesadillas that we have. At the restaurant we were at they also added cilantro and red onions to the mix, but I didn't have any and they were still delicious. Also mixed up a little ranch and bbq sauce for dipping. YUM!

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