Saturday, March 12, 2011

family Movie Night!

Sometimes, life needs to include the ability to be flexible.

Our week was really great. We went to Hayden's school for an ice cream social/art night fundraiser and our bible study on Thursday. We planned on going to church friday, so I put my stroganoff into the crockpot and went off to work. When I got home I just sat back and felt the need to slow our weekend down a little bit.

The kids are planning on going to their grandparents tonight (saturday) for a sleepover so that Jim and I can go to a bible study/game night with some friends. Then the kids will go to church on Sunday with grandma and papa. So that is a busy weekend, which is really hard on me, and I decided that instead of rushing to church on Friday night right after daddy gets home we needed to save the stroganoff get a pizza and resume our family movie night! Life desires flexibility!

I've been recording a bunch of movies on our DVR lately because we were given a years worth of Stars channels and they have a pretty great family channel. So last night we decided to watch Monsters Inc. We've seen it before, but it's such a cute movie and the kids loved it. I always feel like a movie is successful when there is tons of laughing!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Try to be flexible and let life slow down so that you don't forget to enjoy it!