Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Fancy Dinner

Hayden has had the winter blues lately.

When I get home from work she is exhausted from a long day of playing and she wants mommy time. I usually have her help me with dinner and have been teaching her to set the table. Lately this has not been enough. This morning before I left for work she asked if we could do something really special together. I had no clue what we could do on a Thursday night before we go to bible study, but then I was inspired by her recent favorite character, Fancy Nancy.

I suggested that she help me turn our breakfast for dinner into a super fancy event. She agreed that that would be wonderful and I headed off to work. When I got home she was my little tired grumpster until I reminded her about our fancy dinner.

She set off to work making the kitchen table the most fancy table you have ever seen. She took the table cloth off, got a wash cloth and wiped down the table, picked out a super fancy Christmas table cloth, she proceeded to pick out special glasses, find cloth napkins for everyone (even if cloth meant wash cloth), found a pretty glamorous decoration for the center-piece and put candles all around. She even got Elliott to participate by making the orange juice.

Our simple dinner of huckleberry pancakes, bacon and eggs turned into a special night for all of us.

It was simply DIVINE!