Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The life I want to live!

This week I've been reading a couple of books focused on healthy living, and weight loss.

The first one is called The Life You Want, by Bob Greene.

The book is only about $10, but I just picked it up at the library (my new favorite place!!!!). I have only gotten partway into this one but the first chapter focused on emotional eating, and over-eating and I felt that I fit into this category. My problem now is that I don't really have any of the factors in my life that he contributed to reasons why a person becomes an emotional overeater. So There go all of my excuses, right!? I am not stressed out, my marriage is doing great, I don't have boundary issues with friends or family. I'm not lonely, therefore I don't need to fill my stomach with food to feel satisfied. So my problem is that I am just a learned over eater and now it is time to stop! My biggest problem actually has turned into the weekend. I eat phenomenal all week, and I work out so I feel like I need to just be able to relax on the weekends. Unfortunately I am not able to do this without gaining weight so I am going to be focusing on my behaviors over the weekend and make some changes.

The Second book I've been reading is called, Eat Your Way To Happiness, by Elizabeth Somer. I learned a couple of things from this one. First, I have a natural adversity to pain so when I get on the treadmill and I start to push myself to where I am uncomfortable, I need to keep going! That is so hard for me!! I always want to stop or slow down! Also she focuses a lot on eating good carbs, which I do, but I don't eat enough of them. Years of Atkins has really conditioned me to eat meat, veggies, and salads. So I have decided to cook up some whole grains, like quinoa or brown rice, and just add a 1/2 cup of that to my salads.

A couple of resources that I use in order to have a healthy lifestyle include:

Daily Challenge--It's a pretty fun site that get's you going everyday with a challenge to get you going in the right direction.

Spark People--A free website where you can track your weight, exercise, and calories (I love the app on my phone!!)

What resources help you on your journey towards healthy living?