Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lord, I want to contribute

There's so much I could say about chapter 7 of Limitless Life, it's almost hard to know where to start.

I could start with how I used to be the girl that looked for a church that served me.  "people with empty self will choose a church to 'go to' if the sermons are good and make them feel better and if the music is their kind of music (pg 133)."  I would visit a church with the sole purpose of finding the worship service that made me feel good.  I love to sing, and I couldn't even pay attention during the service if I didn't feel like the worship was very good.  I hate to admit that, but it is the truth.  And to be honest, it's where I was in my walk with the Lord.  While I wasn't a new Christian, I had gone through so many trials and times away from God, that I needed to be nursed back to health.  So, that's where I was, and I am thankful I grew past that, but I am also thankful that I started somewhere.  

"Jesus wants us to grow from being consumers to become contributors (pg 139)."

Up until the last 2 years I have spent many many years being a consumer in the Christian church.  I went to the classes, went to the service, used the nursery, used the day care options, etc.  Those things were a total blessing for where I was in my walk as a Christian.  There comes a time when a girl needs to start contributing.  

This week was the perfect chance for me to contribute at my church that I love dearly.  It's VBS week.  I admit, for the last 4-5 years I have dropped my children off at VBS and RELISHED  greatly, the 3 hours of peace and quiet. 

Which was fine.  Super fine.  I never want a weary mom who needs rest to read this blog and think she is doing something wrong.  But there is a season for everything, and my children are big now, and I do get more rest.  They are also to the age where they see their mom participating and contributing and it is a blessing to them.  

So I signed up to volunteer, to contribute.  I am very familiar with VBS,  I went to them every summer as a kid, and when I was a teen I spent many summers visiting churches and helping with their VBS.  So I was excited, and glad to contribute.  Then I got my assignment.  Arts and Crafts.  Hmmm..  I do like arts and crafts, but I have never done arts and crafts at VBS before.  I was a little curious how it would go, and a little nervous!  

The day came for VBS to start, and I was filled with a little sadness that I wasn't going to get to rest while my kids learned about Jesus.  Then I opened up my limitless life book, and the chapter is all about being a contributor, not a consumer.  

Seriously!?  Thank you, Jesus, for reminding me why I signed up to help.  For reminding me why we even decided to find a small local church to become members of, for loving me and growing me to the place where I am right now where I feel like I can contribute to our church that has just welcomed us and loved us!  

So VBS begins and I am touched everyday by the beautiful children that God has sent for me to love on.  For me to do crafts with, and laugh with, and hopefully during that 10 minute craft time I (and all the other awesome contributors) can be a little shining light to them that makes them remember what they learn at VBS.  Maybe they will ask their parents to bring them back to church because they had so much fun!  

The question this week, are you a consumer or a contributor?  Well, it's so important to think about and pray about.  I do believe that we all have times in our lives where we need more than we can give.  But it is super exciting to get to that place where we can start giving a little more, too!  Just like a newborn baby needs to be fed, and loved, and held, and cherished, we all go through that time in our walk with the Lord.  It does get pretty exciting though when you grow and grow and eventually you don't need to be nursed anymore!  You can contribute!  

Dear Jesus,

Thank for you the people that came beside me when I was weak, and couldn't contribute very much.  They loved me, and because of that, I grew closer to you to a place where I feel like I can finally contribute.  Lord, you never ever gave up on me.  You loved me every single day, even when I had nothing to give.  I love to walk with you and feel your love and guidance in my life.  It is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced.  Ever.