Friday, June 13, 2014

My sweet, sweet son

It's no exaggeration when someone tells you there is just a pure sweetness to the relationship between a momma and her son.  My relationship with Elliott is exactly that.  This little guy brings me so much joy (and he can also frustrate me beyond words, but that is for a different post)!

Yesterday was the day we got to go pick up the kids' report cards.  Report card time has never been fun for Elliott.  He seriously has never even one time gotten a report card that didn't make him cry.  There would always be one or two "No's" (in regards to meeting district standards), and that made him very sad.   Not that we put any pressure on him, because we don't.   He just tries so hard, and really does do his very best, but never could quite get the scores in order to get that "Yes" grade.

Well, yesterday was the day!  I went and picked up the cards and couldn't hardly believe it!!  2nd grade was definitely his most challenging year.  He worked really really hard and had some hard lessons, in needing to focus and pay attention rather than goof around and try to entertain his friends.  But he didn't give up and I couldn't even tell you how awesome it was to show him that report card and to have him see that it was worth it to work so hard!!  Such a rewarding moment for him.

I just love him to pieces.